Ang Probinsyano is the highly engrossing thriller, action, suspense, and crime Philippine drama. It is the story of twin brothers who were separated because of the financial instability in their family. One of them becomes a police officer and killed in a drug operation. His senior officer brings his twin brother so that he can assume his identity and corrupt men are arrested. There is a lot of happening in the story. It suspense and curiosity will not let you leave the drama till the last episode. It will bring out the feelings of anticipation and excitement while watching.

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The best thing about Ang Probinsyano is that it will keep you alert because in every scene there is something new happening which will not let you get bored from this series. It has the perfect pacing of scenes and the settings and plot of the drama are outstanding.

Ang Probinsyano is the drama filled with excitement and thrill. It is exhilarating and mind-blowing. Now it is available online also. You can see full episodes of this drama every time and everywhere. The story of this drama is really different and unique from other contemporary drama stories. It has crime, action, love, suspense and many other amazing things.