We have been effectively breeding and rearing parrots for over two decades. At some stage in this time we’ve got seen and experienced many changes and improvements. Now not only in technology and welfare but additionally inside the understanding of keeping parrots as pets. This includes all species of parrot including macaws, cockatoos, african and timneh grey parrots, amazon parrots, pionus parrots and conures.

These awesome creatures can, now not handiest be the joy of your existence however in some cases, if the incorrect selection is made, the bane of your life.

If we had been to purchase a parrot today these are a number of the things that we would want to recognise, and some of the questions we would be asking, before we dedicated ourselves to a purchase.

Initially we might search for a parrot breeder. These can be determined through pointers from pals or your nearby avian vet. You may also find classified ads in parrot and chicken publications, and numerous breeders now have their very own web sites.

Parrots for sale in UK

As with every things there are precise and terrible parrot breeders around. So how do you attempt to make sure you’ve got determined an excellent one.

Right here are a number of the questions that we might ask the parrot breeder if we had been taking into account shopping a parrot from them.

Do you personal the parents
This could tell you in the event that they buy the chicks in, or hand rear birds for someone else. Both manner, this could be a very risky issue to do. Birds reared collectively from more than one sources can run the danger of contamination, from disease, micro organism or virus.
How lengthy have you been breeding
Ideal pick someone who has experience.
How do you increase your toddlers
In my opinion or collectively
It’s far great to have a toddler that has been reared with others because it will think of itself as a hen and have less ability for behavioural problems than a hen that has been reared on my own.
How do you feed them
Tube, gavage, syringe, spoon. It’s miles a count number of desire, that you consider maximum appropriate, however to position a tube or gavage directly into the babies crop is in our opinion no longer one of desire.
What do you wean them on
Fruit, veggies, soaked seeds and pulses is the solution we would be looking for. However many human beings in recent times use a whole meals, we decide upon a more natural diet.
Do you allow them to go earlier than they’re weaned
The answer to this must continually be no. Mainly to a person with out a experience of parrots. I regularly pay attention humans say it’ll bond higher if you hand feed it. This is definitely not the case and to wean one toddler on it is personal is not any clean project.
What backup service do you provide
They ought to always be there that will help you have to you have a question or a hassle. Keep away from everybody who just desires to wash their palms of the toddler whilst it leaves them.
Are the infant parrots rung or micro chipped
All baby parrots must have a few shape of identity. We’ve had issues with ringing within the beyond so we now not use this approach. We use micro chipping as a means to identification for all our babies. We experience that this technique is much safer and greater correct. If you do buy a hen that has been rung pay very close interest to the ring. If it’s miles too tight it is able to come to be embedded in the skin and if it’s far too loose it could get stuck on toys. Every so often when you have or greater parrots together they could play with every others rungs and squash them onto their legs cutting of blood deliver.