Dragloon Attack Strategy

Hello clashers, In this article I am going to write about best COC attack strategies for Town hall 7. There are many ways to 3 star a maxed Townhall 7 base, However in these two of the attack strategies are very important and commonly used strategies, The third one is very rarely used one and I used this strategy when I was attacking a Townhall 7 and I bet that most of the people wouldn’t know about this strategy. Curious to learn about it? Keep on reading the article.

  • Dragloon ( Expensive)
  • Giant Wizard (Moderate )
  • Mass Minions (Very cheap comparing above)

Three Best attack strategies for Townhall 7 in Clash of Clans

As the name suggests Dragloon consists of combination of Mass dragons and some amount of maxed balloons in clan castle. This attack is very costly attack but the success ratio for this attack is 100 %.

The army composition of Dragloon strategy is:-

  • Dragons (8)
  • Balloons (8)
  • Clan Castle(Balloons- maxed, 4 loons)
  • Spells( 3 thunder spell)

Town Hall 7 bases consists of two air defenses, One air defense should be destroyed using the thunder spells and on another side of the air defense dragons should be deployed at fast and loons should be deployed after. This strategy is successful all time. But the elixir cost is very high. So guys if you are an air attacker, unlock the dragon and upgrade it to level 2 as soon as possible. Check out video below to understand more.

Giant Wizard Attack Strategy in COC (Moderate)

The Second powerful strategy is Giant Wizard strategy which costs moderate amount of elixir. As the name indicates this strategy consists of combination of giants and wizards. Giants will act as meat shield for wizards and wizards will deal damage heavily to the structures. The success ratio for the attack is 80 %. However there are some bases called anti giant bases, where giants would be thrown off easily. So make sure you are not picking those bases before you attack in the war. So guys if you are planning to attack in ground, Upgrade these troops to max level.

Army composition for Giant Wizard Combo is

  • Giants ( 20 )( Level 4)
  • Wizards(16)( Level 4)
  • Remaining archers and wall breakers
  • Clan Castle- Max hog raiders
  • Spells- All spells are healing

The idea is dropping the giants in defense rich area so the defenses will be distracted by the giants and wizards will take care of the structures. Make sure you drop giants in line formation and also wizards too. Choose a side, Drop giants in line like form and behind giants wizards. Use spells wisely and guess an area and drop hogs where you think there is no traps, Keep one healing spell for hogs. Check out video below.

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Mass Minions Attack Strategy in COC (Very cheap comparing above)

Source – Clash Of Duty

This strategy is my favorite strategy when I was in th7 as I said above, This strategy requires some good thinking skills, The main enemy for this strategy is the air bombs and wizard towers, If you overcome them this attack will be successful. The cost of the army spent is very low and it costs only dark elixir.

Army Composition of Mass Minions Attack Strategy

  • 80 Minions ( Max level for town hall 7)
  • 8 Balloons ( Max level for town hall 7)
  • Clan Castle ( Max balloons)
  • Thunder spell or healing spell

Tips for a successful Mass Minions attack

  • Upgrade you minions to level 3 as its maximum for town hall 7
  • Choose a compartment tight base, Guess an area where you think that there is air bomb, The air bomb does a splash damage kills most of the minions. So if your opponent kept bomb outside and detected by dropping one minion, The attack will be more favour for you.
  • Drop loons behind, And it should target wizard towers
  • Use spells wisely

So guys, That’s all about the today’s topic “ Three best attack strategies for Town hall 7 in Clash of Clans”. I hope you have enjoyed the article and learnt some good information about the attack strategies present, If you know more strategies, Please share below so that your friends can learn from you. Don’t hesitate to use the comment section below, It will be very motivating to us. Subscribe the blog for future updates.