Whether you’re the proud proprietor of a puppy fox or simply have a fox placing round your area, the fox wishes a outstanding call. This listing of fox names is just what you need in case you’re searching out funny, innovative, and clever fox names and call puns.

In relation to humorous fox names, keep in mind going with “fox mulder” – specially in case you assume your fox would possibly definitely believe in extraterrestrial lifestyles! If you’re going for punny fox names, consider superstar names like megan fox or even michael j. Fox – honestly a cherished pet fox merits the name of any such beloved actor.

You could constantly go together with a number of the classics: “foxy” or “mr. Fox” (shortened from “the extremely good mr. Fox” of path). “sly” might be hilarious once human beings figured it out.

In case you need to go with foxes in movies, television shows, and books, take into account names for pet foxes like “nick wilde” and “gideon gray” (from zootopia), or “kristofferson silverfox” from the aforementioned exquisite mr. Fox film.

Anything call you select, hopefully this list of thoughts for fox names will show helpful. Vote for all your favorites, vote down any that simply don’t quite be just right for you – and add any exquisite fox names that might be missing.

  1. Eevee
  2. Hunter
  3. Vulpix
  4. Foxy
  5. Red
  6. Mr. Fox