Many grammar checker apps have come and one of all these apps is Hemingway. It is undoubtedly very good proofreader that, provide a unique way to the writer to enhance the writing. It has a grading scale for your writing, counter, grammar advice, live preview and many other things. Its editor is good but sometimes this app does not simplify long sentences.

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The best grammar checker app which I found interesting and upgraded is Grammarly. It is a very good editor. It’s advanced version Grammarly premium has many features like an integrated dictionary for vocabulary enhancement, spellings correction, sentence correction, use of verbs and modifiers, punctuation, plagiarism detection and everything you need to make your writing free of errors. It has a Grammarly discount coupon for students which will help them write without mistakes.

I have used both apps that are Grammarly as well as Hemingway and I prefer using Grammarly. It is the ultimate best Grammar checker app. Though Hemingway is also good. But my experience with this app is not good, It does not grade your writing properly. I think the more, low score you have in Hemingway the better is your writing. It does not properly simplify long sentences and on the other way, Grammarly offers you sentence correction and also gives suggestions on how to make sentence simple while writing.