Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji is a 2017 indian television soap opera that airs on megastar plus. The series stars rhea sharma and avinesh rekhi and is the sequel to the series diya aur baati hum. Neelu vaghela, ashok lokhande, and kanika maheshwari reprise their roles from that series. The collection premiered on 3rd april 2017 and was at the beginning broadcast at 1 pm in the afternoon during the megastar dopahar programming block. On 24 july 2017, the collection turned into moved to the 7 pm time slot, upon discontinuation of the afternoon programming block. It has been remade in telugu as agni sakshi which aired on maa tv. The collection has additionally been remade in bengali, under the identify of ardhangini which goes to air on celebrity jalsha at 6 pm time slot beginning from 8th january, 2018.

The story is based on the existence of the youngsters of sooraj and sandhya in particular proposing the existence occasions in their daughter, kanak. Bhabho ignores and appears down upon kanak due to the fact according to her, kanak is the reason for the demise of sooraj-sandhya, but later upon realising mutual love for each different accepts kanak as family. Due to remarkable instances, kanak gets married to a ritualistic and superstitious but correct-hearted gentleman, named uma shankar, a blind believer in morals taught with the aid of his opportunistic and cash-grabber, hypocrite maternal aunt, nanda devi. Kanak sets off on a journey with uma shankar, who is her best contrary, to educate him the finest ethical of existence i.E. Humanity, at the same time as she receives criticized by using palomi and again and again harmed by means of maasi saa, and later, her lewd son, aditya. Within the manner, she herself falls in love with uma after organising herself as the proper wife for him.