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Shall we wake one morn of spring,
Glad at coronary heart of the entirety,
Yet pensive with the thought of eve?
Then the white residence lets depart.
Pass the wind-plants and the bays,
Through the garth, and cross our methods,
Wandering down some of the meads
Till our very joyance needs
Rest at final; until we shall come
To that Sun-god’s lonely domestic,
Lonely on the hillside gray,
Whence the sheep have long gone away;
Lonely till the dinner party-time is,
When with prayer and praise of bliss,
Thither comes the u . S . A . Aspect.
There awhile lets abide,
Sitting low down within the porch
By that photo with the torch:
Thy one white hand laid upon
The black pillar that turned into received
From the a ways-off Indian mine;
And my hand nigh touching thine,
But now not touching; and thy robe
Fair with spring-plants forged adown
From thy bosom and thy forehead.
There the south-west wind shall blow
Through thine hair to reach my cheek,
As thou sittest, nor mayst communicate,
Nor mayst pass the hand I kiss
For the very depth of bliss;
Nay, nor flip thine eyes to me.
Then preference of the exquisite sea
Nigh enow, however all unheard,
In the hearts folks is stirred,
And we upward push, we twain at final,
And the daffodils downcast,
Feel thy feet and we are long gone
From the lonely Sun-Crowned one,
Then the meads fade at our back,
And the spring day ‘gins to lack
That fresh hope that once it had;
But we twain grow yet greater glad,
And aside no greater may fit
When the grassy slope and low
Dieth in the shingly sand:
Then we wander hand in hand
By the rims of the sea,
And I weary extra for thee
Than if a long way apart we had been,
With a area of wilderness drear
‘Twixt thy lips and mine, O love!
Ah, my pleasure, my joy thereof!